Female Models

Miss Bikini Ireland Winners

Miss Bikini Ireland 19/20 Andrada PoP

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Hulya Gendj 

Name: Hulya Gendj 

Age: 20

Country: Ireland City: Dublin 

Height: 5”7 Hobbies:

My hobbies include the following: Modelling, Socialising, Going to the gym/ doing home workouts, Taking pictures, Going for long walks to the park, collecting makeup/brushes, swimming, cooking, dancing. My interests include: Social Media, Makeup Artistry, Instagram influencing/blogging, Art, Modelling, photography, fashion and beauty. 

Ciara O’Donoghue

Name: Ciara O’Donoghue

Age: 20

County: Killarney, Co Kerry, Ireland

Hobbies: going to the gym, traveling, doing makeup, fashion.

Laura Mc Kee 

Name : Laura McKee

Age : 23 years old

Height : 5’8

County : Galway, Ireland

Bio : I spend most of my free time in the gym and meeting with friends and just enjoying life every day. I have a huge interest in beauty and fashion, I like to always make an effort with my appearance and look my best. I’m always laughing ,always smiling and love to make other people do the same.

Jodie Taite

Name: Jodie Taite

Age: 19 years old

Height: I am 5’5” in height and

County: Dublin.

Hobbies: I spend most of my days in the gym working out, doing yoga or reading, these would be my 3 favourite hobbies. I also like to jog and enjoy long walks on the beach.

Audrey Carlyle

Name: Audrey Carlyle

Age: 31

County: Wexford

Height: I’m 5,6 and slim/athletic build.

Hobbies: include weight training and hiking and anything outdoorsy! I work in the motor trade so have an interest in cars too. I also spent years as a make up artist so still have quite an interest in cosmetics.

Megan Fraser

Name: Megan Fraser 

Age: 22 

County: Clonmel 

Height: 5ft 3 inches 

Hobbies: Cooking, crafting, basketball, dancing 

Erica Kelly

Full name: Erica Kelly

Age: 23

County I live in: Cork, originally from Waterford

Height details: 5” 9’

Hobbies & interests: fitness and gym, tag rugby, reading and volunteering

Beth Connolly

Name: Beth Connolly


County: kildare  

Hobbies: dance, 

Jodie Felloni

Name: Jodie Julie Felloni 

County: Dublin

Age: 32

Height: 5’2

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing, illustrating, singing, dancing, travel, gym, yoga, socialising and social media 

Saoirse Aylward

Name: Saoirse Aylward

Height: 5ft 6 and

County: Wexford.

Hobbies include weightlifting, reading, socialising and spending time at the beach. 

Abbie Beggs

Name: Abbie Beggs

Age: 20

County: Skerries Co Dublin.

Height: 5’2”. 

Hobbies: I’m studying in DCU St. Pats to become a teacher. I’m a very sporty person. I was an Irish competitive gymnast and an international competitor for Karate. I played on the Dublin football team up until Minors and now I continue to play for my local senior team in Skerries. I’ve recently set up my own Business which I’m selling gym gear and I’m exciting to see where that goes. I’ve attached four pictures of myself below.

Karen Mullen

Name: Karen Maisie Mullan 

Age: 21

County: Down Height: 5ft 9”

Hobbies: Firstly, I am a self confessed gym addict, so if I’m not coming back from the gym I am getting ready to go there! I have recently completed my PT certification and thoroughly enjoy helping people reach their fitness goals. 
From the age of 7, I found my passion for music. Since then, I have successfully completed all 8 Grades with the Associated Board of the Royal Academy of Music in piano, voice and cello. I now enjoy gigging, teaching and writing music.
Having graduated from Queens this year with my Law degree, I am extremely interested in current issues – particularly issues concerning animal rights and welfare/campaigns against animal cruelty. This is an area of law I am extremely passionate towards, and anywhere I see possible, I aim to raise awareness about current problems we face and ways we can combat them. 
Apart from all the above, you’ll usually find me either chilling with my dogs, or watching Victoria Secret models’ vlogs on YouTube! 

Natasha Dundon

Name: Natasha Dundon
Age: 23

County: Limerick City

Height: 5’4

Hobbies: I enjoy going to the gym daily weightlifting and having a good diet. In my spare time I enjoy taking pictures.

Afrodita Zeta Keizo

Name: Afrodita Zeta Keizo

Age: 37

County: Dublin

Height: 180cm 

Hobbies: Fashion I like to create new looks, walking and spending time with a metal detector and I like to fix watches. I also like sports, draw and read modern scientific literature.

Lauryn McCullough

Name: Lauryn McCullough,

Age: 18

City: Belfast Northern Ireland.

Height: 5’6

Hobbies:  My main interest at the moment would probably be succeeding with setting up my photography business, which I’ve had a passion to do so from around the age of 11! However my talents would definitely be dancing as I was the Irish, Ulster, European and International Champion for Irish dancing going onto qualify for the world championships! While on the side being a background dancer for CCTV The Next Step as I also have experience with gymnastics and ballet:) 

Shannen Treanor 

Name: Shannen Treanor 

Age: 25

County: Wicklow, Ireland 

Height: 5’3

Hobbies:  And I love to go to the gym and hike, I also did volunteering for Forage for two years (before COVID hit) hopefully I will get to go back soon! 

Tamara Nolan

Name: Tamara Nolan

Age: 25

County: Westmeath

Height: 5’8″

Hobbies: I love the gym as I’m a personal trainer, I love singing , I take part in pole dancing classes as I love to dance and also some boxing and just being out in nature.

Niamh Hawes

Name: Niamh Hawes

Height- 5’5

County – Derry

Age – 18

Hobbies- Gym

Michelle Lobova

Name: Michelle Lobova

Age: 17

County: Dublin,Ireland

Height: 169cm

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy going to the gym , doing pole dancing and shooting. I enjoy doing all the beauty stuff up to the shoot and posing for the camera

Kasia Dimowska

Name: Kasia Dimowska

Age: 20

County: Limerick City

Height: 169cm in height which is around 5foot 6.5

Hobbies: include going on nature walks to new places, doing home workouts, taking pictures both of nature and people/myself but just as a fun hobby. I am a Sociology and New Media student in UL and my interests include the study and observation of our society and social media. 

Diana Estrada

Name: Diana Estrada

Age: 35

County : Dublin

Hobbies: I am a personal trainer and a beauty therapist.
I am passionate about fitness an healthy living.

As a mother i enjoy outdoor activities with my child.. i also love travelling and learning about different cultures

Jasmine Price

Name: Jasmine Price

Age: 21

County: Kildare

Height: 5’7

Hobbies/interests: Makeup, Fashion, Travelling, Fitness, Dancing, Tattoos

Chloe Cummins

Name: Chloe Cummins


County: Kildare

Height: 5ft 3

Hobbies: Makeup, Fashion, Walking

Kayleigh Moran

Name: Kayleigh Moran

Age: 33

County: Waterford city

Height: 5ft 4inches

Hobbies: my favourite hobby is pole fitness , I started it as a fun way to exercise but absolutely fell in love with it , it’s so much more than just exercise to me it’s completely changed me not just physically but mentally too , I’m passionate about promoting exercise for positive mental health and love to talk about my own experiences to help others , I enjoy any outdoor activities such as hiking cycling and running, I’ve a big interest in the fashion industry and also promoting body confidence for women

Alannah Carey

Name: Alannah Carey

Age: 20

County: Westmeath

Height: 5foot 6 inches

Hobbies: are spending time with my friends and family, working out, listening to music and going for walks with my dog 

Britney Madalina Sugar 

Name: Britney Madalina Sugar 


County: Dublin 

Height :5”0

Hobbies: I’m a qualified nail technician spending time doing clients and myself. I love seeing my friends and socialising

Kerrie Gillespie 

Name: Kerrie Gillespie 

Age: 28   

County: Kildare 

Height: 5’3” 

Hobbies: enjoys horse riding, gym , keeping fit and healthy, spending time with friends and modelling 

Angelika Butane

Name: Angelika Butane

Age: 21

County: Dublin

Height- 5’8 – 172

Hobbies: Photography, fashion and all things beauty.

Tara Morrissey 

Name: Tara Morrissey 

Age: 27County

County: Kilkenny 

Height: 5.2 

Hobbies: In my spare time i like to dance and go to the gym. Iv been dancing for 17 years now with Dancewise Kilkenny. Every year we do a show in the Watergate theatre as an end of the year performance. Iv also done competitions with a crew of girls over the years. I’m a single working mother to one so on my days of i love to spend time making memories with her. 

Maeve Timoney

Name: Maeve Timoney

City: Belfast Northern Ireland 

Age: 20

Height: 5’8 inches 

Hobbies and interest: Weightlifting, indoor skydiving, Medicine, modelling, fashion, photography

Jasmine Flynn

Name: Jasmine Flynn

Age: 22

County: Kildare

Height is 5’6

Hobbies: my favourite hobbies and interests include going to the gym and keeping a healthy lifestyle, recently having photoshoots done and spending time with family and friends. I am currently studying in Maynooth University and working in a local shop. I love a busy lifestyle.

Corraigh Rossborough

Name: Corraigh Rossborough

Age: 27

County: Co.Down

Height: 5ft6in

Hobbies: In my spare time I enjoy to play a lot of sport such as Camogie and Soccer and go to the gym!

I also love to read self motivation books, and spending time meditating and relaxing.

I am studying to be a Chartered Accountant so a lot of my time is also taken up with these studies.

Caitlin O’Shea

Name: Caitlin O’Shea

Age: 17

County: Wicklow

Height: 5”5

Hobbies/interests : baking/cooking

Zara Mc Guire

Name: Zara Sinead Emilia McGuire 

Age :21

County : Wexford Ireland

Height :5”1

Hobbies: gymnastics and gym and photo shoots

Raminta Adukaite 

Name: Raminta Adukaite 


County: Co.Dublin

Height: 1.75cm

Hobbies: My hobby hard work in lovely work and make people smiling

Blaithin Byrne 

Name: Blaithin Byrne 

Age: 22

County: Kildare/Dublin 

Height: 5.3

Hobbies: Modelling, Dancing, singing, fashion and hair 

Olivia Legowska

Name Olivia Legowska

Age 20

County Ennis/Limerick

Height 5’7

Hobbies I love reading, going to the gym and recently developed a passion for cooking! I am also in my final year of studying law and tax, hoping to become a solicitor in the near future

Paula Jane

Name: Paula Jane

Age: 21

County: Dublin

Height: 5’5

Hobbies: travelling, gym

Melissa Furlong

Name: Melissa Furlong


Hobbies: cars, gym, playing musical instruments and singing

County: wexford

Height: 5ft 5

Marcella De Gasperis

Name: Marcella De Gasperis

Age: 36

County: Dublin

Height: 5’3

Hobbies gym / working out 

Kennedy McCormick

Name: Kennedy McCormick


County Down

Height: 5ft3

Hobbies: Horse riding and fashion 

Melissa Foster

Name: Melissa jade foster 

Age: 22

County: Antrim 

Height: 5’7 

Hobbies : I love walking my dog , he’s my best friend we go everywhere together lol! I love working out through different aspects of exercise like dance and polercise ! I love going out with my friends, we would be quite adventurous so we’d always be climbing up and down mountains

Shannon Pratt

Name: Shannon Pratt

Age: 25

County: Wicklow

Height: 5’7

Hobbies: all things outdoor! Animal rescue/rehabilitation, Horse riding/ training, baking, sketching and the occasional car karaoke!

Noelle O’Neill

Name: Noelle O’Neill

Age: 28

County: Westmeath

Height: 5ft 6

Hobbies: The gym, swimming, walking and jogging

Kotryna Budnikaite

Full Name: Kotryna Budnikaite

City: Dublin

Age: 20

Hobbies: gym, travelling, music and beauty.

Asta Garliauskaite

Name: Asta

Age: 35

County: Meath

Height: 5’8
Hobbies: I am passionate about fitness and nutrition. I would be in the gym 24-7 if I could 😁.I love traveling and learning about different cultures. I am interested in Humans Phycology and how humans mind works.

Jodie Perry

Name: Jodie Perry

Age: 30

Height: 5’4”

County: Kildare

Hobbies: My favourite hobbies are being physically active and I love to spend a lot of my free time outdoors; whether it be running, walking or riding horses.

I am very passionate about keeping a healthy daily routine and make sure I take care of myself (mind and body) – I think that is really important. So being in the gym, working out and swimming I love to do a lot. I also enjoy socialising, meeting new people, going out for dinner. And dancing!! I love, love dancing.

As well as that my daughter keeps me very much on my toes, running here, there and everywhere to make sure she is kept happy. Keeping her smiling would have to be my most favourite hobby yet.

Stacey Daly

Name Stacey Daly

Age 19 

County: limerick 

Height: 5.3 

Hobbies: gym, writing poems, photography, rugby, singing

Alex O’Brien

Name: Alex O’Brien

Age: 22

County: Wexford

Height: 5’4″

Hobbies: Gym and fitness, running, modelling, horse riding, beauty and fashion.

Saliya Petrova

Name: Saliya Petrova

Age: 19 

County: Co.Kildare 

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Traveling

Chloe Fields

Name: Chloe Fields

Age: 24

County: Dublin 

Height: 5ft 7 

Hobbies love going to the Gym and used to be a disco freestyle dancer 

Antonella Moldovann

Name:Antonella Moldovan 

County: Dublin 

Age: 31

Hobbies: Painting,Tik Tok,Cooking,Sports